Friends or Content?

I was a little knocked for six this week when I receievd a /w from the person who was one of the people who influenced my decision to play on Quel’Thalas when I re-rolled on the EU servers. This person was also probably the most influential in my choice of guild.

My guild’s been struggling a little bit with the usual summer slowdown, combined with the general pre-expansion lethargy. We were just breaking in to 25-man content before the summer, having Gruul and Mag on farm, and having managed a couple of TK bosses, the first Hyjal boss and a couple in SSC. The Officers have done a great job keeping 10-man activity going over the summer, and even kicking off a series of attempts at the ZA timed run (we’re at 3/4 chests). We’ve got a joint raiding agreement in place with another guild, and the hope is that that will enable more 25-man content, but if I’m honest I think things are going to be a struggle until the expansion hits.

So my friend /whispered me this week to say she was leaving to join a different guild. She said she always regretted not having seen some of the level 60 raiding content pre-TBC, and she wanted to have the chance to see more level 70 content. Now of course this doesn’t signal the end of a friendship, by any means, but I expect it to mean I spend less time in game with her, as she’ll be wanting to do stuff with her new guild.

So this of course got me thinking. What are my priorities in the weeks that lead up to the expansion? Do I want to see more content? Or am I happy to just kick back and enjoy time with friends?

For me an MMO has always been about the friends rather than the content. If I’m honest I find raiding quite intimidating. I only do it when it involves spending time with people I like, when we have a good laugh and some fun. Despite being in a small guild on the US server, I did see a lot of raiding action pre-TBC, with a great bunch of people who ran Molten Core on a Saturday morning (which was afternoon for me). We worked our way through the content, had a laugh at the same time, and I didn’t make too much of a fool of myself 🙂 There was content I never saw – Naxx, and content I only touched on (two visits to Blackwing Lair, and never saw past the second boss). Do I feel I missed out on something? No. I’ve never been a hardcore raider, and I don’;t have the time to be one. Will I be gutted when WotLK comes out and I haven’t seen Sunwell, or killed everything in SSC/MH? No, not at all. There’ll be new challenges, new questing, and new raids to try, with my friends.

Everyone plays the game for different reasons, and no-one is right or wrong in the way they play. But thinking about this has made me realise that my priority is the social aspect of the game, and I’m happy where I am 🙂


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  1. You and me both, Tiniane. I remember my time in MC fondly (the moments of venting my fury have faded with time), and you were a bit part of that.

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