Update on the UK WotLK CE situation

As at Wednesday 1st October:

Game now lists the CE, and is taking pre-orders. This started at about 6.30pm last night. I got my order in about 7pm, so I’m hoping I’ll get a copy. No information as to whether Game know how many copies they are getting, or are just taking all orders and will let people know nearer the time if they can’t fulfil.

Amazon have a listing for the pre-order, with an “email me when this item becomes available” link.

I’m still watching the Play and Gamestation websites, as well as the thread on the official forums. I can’t decide whether I should pre-order from other places too, just to make sure all my bets are covered. At £50 a time, I don’t want to get landed with multiple copies. But then I guess there’s always eBay…

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