My Pre-Expansion Goals

Now that we have a date for the release of the next expansion (November 13th – it’s marked in my diary already!), I want to take a moment to think about, and document, the things I want to achieve before this date.

  • Stockpile enough herbs to level inscription to 375 when the 3.0.2 patch hits
  • Level my Recruit-A-Friend Mage and Warlock pair to 60 (they’re currently 37)
  • Clear out and sort my bank
  • Clear out and sort my AH mule
  • Switch back to Auctioneer and start regular AH scans
  • Finish leveling my fishing to 375 (currently 366)
  • Gain my “Champion of the Naaru” title (just need Magtheridon)

My husband has started playing Warhammer recently, and is really enjoying it. I have never enjoyed PvP and so Warhammer has never appealed to me, but the part of me that enjoys running around virtual worlds with him keeps popping up and suggesting I give it a quick try. So when I next get that feeling I am going to return here and remind myself of the list of things I still want to achieve in WoW over the next month.

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