Exploring Northrend

It’s now almost three weeks since Wrath launched, and I am still loving it. I am levelling exclusively with my husband’s Demonology Warlock, and we’re having a great time, trying to complete all the quests. Yes, ALL the quests šŸ™‚

We’re both now about halfway through level 75, and have finished both Borean Tundra and Howling Fjord. We’ve done a couple of quest-hubs in Dragonblight, but there are still huge chunks of unexplored map for us to discover. We’re just over halfway to 80, and it feels like there is so much content still ahead of us, which is great because we’ll be able to carry on questing for money when we hit 80.

We ran the Azjol-Nerub instance this week, and it was great! I really hope this is a sign of things to come – a very short instance that we completed within 30 minutes. Very little trash, just three bosses. Well, it’s more like three boss events. And when we finished the first run, our tank realised he hadn’t looted the quest item off the final boss, so we reset the instance and ran it again for him!

I really like this trend towards shorter instances. It means you don’t have to commit large amounts of time to a run, you can get some questing and an instance or two finished in an evening. It’s perfect for me šŸ™‚

Hopefully tonight we’ll make some good progress towards 76 šŸ™‚


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