The Lunar Festival

Somehow I was caught by surprise by the Lunar festival this year. I logged into the game during my daughter’s nap yesterday afternoon, and was delighted to see the Elder in Dalaran. I checked over the achievements for this World event, and was even happier to see that I wouldn’t have to set foot into any Battlegrounds to get my “Elder” title. I would of course have to get in to all three Horde cities, but I’ve done that before. I love haveing cat form and the ability to prowl!

I wasn’t needed for the raid last night. The last few raid nights we’ve had enough people for two 10-man groups, but last night there weren’t quite enough, so only one group went. It was a bit galling when my husband was invited and I wasn’t, but my guild is really good at making sure everyone gets a fair shot at the content, and there were healers online who’d not been in Naxx as much as I have, so I was pleased that they got the chance to go.

So as I was at a bit of a loose end, I made a start on the Coins of Ancestry. I found a great list of all the Elders on WoWWiki, and decided to follow it through and see how far I could get. By the end of the evening I had completed the achievements for the Elders of Kalimdor, Elders of Eastern Kingdoms, and the Elders of the Horde. As a bonus I soloed my Strat key whilst I was in there as well 🙂 I still need to get into a couple of old world dungeons (primarily Maraudon), and then make a start on the Northrend stuff.

At the moment I’m feeling more positive about this series of achievements than I did about the Winter Veil ones. I know some people will find getting into the opposite factions capital cities harder than the PvP objectives, so again, it won’t suit everyone, but I’m hopeful I can get to be “Elder Tiniane” 🙂


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  1. Keep in mind that the Gundrak elder is in Ekk’s room. Ekk only unlocks in heroic difficulty so make sure to run Gundrak in Heroic for the achievement.

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