Lil Game Hunter

I’ve managed to have a few evenings to myself recently, and as I was fairly close to having the 75 non-combat pets required for the Lil Game Hunter achievement I thought I would get on and farm for a few of the rarer pets. I’ve been very lucky with drops, and not needed to spend more than a couple of evenings farming in any particular area for the drop. And I’ve managed to bag myself a Captured Firefly, a Crimson Whelpling, and the Disgusting Oozling. Yay! So that got me to 74 pets.

As I’m not a great farmer of rep, I’d never bothered with Sporeggar reputation. A guildie advised me that at 80 I ought to be able to stealth through the Underbog and collect Sanguine Hibiscus, and I was pleased to discover he was right! I could stealth through the ground floor of the Underbog, picking up any Hibiscus I saw, and usually got 5 or 6 each time. Stealth back out, reset the instance and start again. Five times per hour.

My guildies were a little surprised when this happened:

(I did say I’m not good at farming reputations, didn’t I? The 10 Exalted achievement was an unexpected bonus!)

Then, after hastily gathering the 30 glowcaps (why didn’t I pick these up whilst I was camping the firefly?!), this happened:

And my guildies understood why I had suddently felt the urge to work on an obscure reputation from the last expansion 🙂

(Don’t know why the achievement is so faded in that screenshot, by the way, sometimes my UI mod just doesn’t capture the moment accurately. Must be lag or something /shrug)

And here’s my cute little fawn. I really love the way she bounds around after me 🙂

I understand there are loads of new pets coming in with the 3.1 update and the Argent Tournament. I wonder if there’ll be a new achievement for 100 pets!

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