Children’s Week

There’s been a lot of commentary regarding the Children’s Week achievements, and I don’t have much to add. I didn’t complete the meta-achievement, and the one achievement that prevented me from doing so was “School of Hard Knocks”. Unlike a lot of people, I already have incomplete World Event achievements, so that Proto-Drake is never going to be mine. Thus I didn’t even try to complete this one.

This particular PVP requirement was always going to bring out the worst in people. There are stories of people co-operating to get it done, and other stories of people deliberately setting out to kill anyone with an orphan out on the Battlegrounds. Personally, I have no idea how the Battlegrounds work, I don’t know where to go or what to do to “cap” or return a flag, and I wasn’t going to start now. One very kind Guildie who knows more about PVP than I do did very kindly offer to run me through the Battlegrounds and “show me the ropes”, but now that my playtime is more limited I have far more things I’d rather be doing with my online time. But the offer was very much appreciated 🙂

Perhaps my lack of Merrymaker title allowed me to be a little more relaxed about this one. I felt hugely frustrated at Christmas-time when I did fail to achieve the title. The main cause of frustration was the PVP element, which I did try for. So I do sympathise with all those who tried and failed for this one.

I do think, however, that if Blizzard were to remove the requirement for School of Hard Knocks it would make this World Event achievement trivially easy. Nothing else in here was difficult or time consuming, unlike the others. It could all be completed within a few hours. I suppose I am lucky in that I am a member of a guild that runs instances quite a lot, and I managed to join an Utgarde Pinnacle group that blasted through on Normal mode just to get the achievement. I’m sure some people found that one as difficult as I find the PVP.

I will still like Blizzard to find some way of making some of these achievements not require PVP. I’ll reiterate again the suggestion made by Renata on the World of Warcast podcast – how about making it a requirement to complete all but one of the achievements, allowing those who don’t want to PVP to skip the PVP one, and those who can’t PVE to skip the instance one? It seems that Blizzard are trying to make the World Event achievements span the whole range of WoW content, and there are a lot of players who do not want to experience that whole range!


Children’s Week — 2 Comments

  1. Some of our Raiding guildmates agree with you on that PvP front for this achievement, and figure that Blizzard will knock it out of the requirements at some point anyway, like they’ve done for previous seasonal events.

    You’ll have it soon, no doubt (the title)


  2. I too got a little frustrated at the PvP requirements, but ended up finishing them anyway. I am actually a fan of having the achievements cover most of the WoW experience. These are, after all, for a fast mount and for showing a lot of dedication, and I think anything less would seem like they are just giving them away. I, like you, don’t have a lot of time to play anymore but I still get in there and work my hardest to do these world events.

    Near the end of children’s week most of the PvP grievances were gone… most people had done them early on and it was back to normal at the end.

    While I am sure a lot of people would appreciate an easier time with these, but I think it adds more to the sense of accomplishment when you have been able to do all of it… a year worth of things at least, and be properly rewarded. I think it would be a shame if they made it entirely too easy and just gave this stuff away… as you said, without the School of Hard Knocks this meta achievement could have been completed in hardly any time at all. Even WITH the PvP element it was still relatively easy, and could be completed in just one day.

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