A Reinstall Helps

I’ve not blogged much recently, which is partially due to the fact I’ve been getting very frustrated in game. This is mostly to do with the terrible performance I’ve been getting out of my PC and Internet connection in the last few weeks. I’ve experienced times in game where I’ve been getting only 1 or 2 frames per second, whilst my hard drive thrashed and thrashed.

It was most frustrating when trying to do the Argent Tournament dailies – to be getting the better of a Champion, only to have my machine lock up for long enough for him to shield-break and charge me into oblivion was making me very cross.

I’ve got a savings scheme maturing in June, and so I resolved to use some of the money to buy myself a new PC. But when my husband and I started investigating what was available I discovered that I actually have a pretty good spec PC. It’s only a couple of years old, and is a Core2 Duo processor, plus I got a brand new Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 graphics card at Christmas. So I’d be spending a lot of money for not much of an upgrade. It didn’t seem a sensible thing to do…

So we bought me a new hard drive, and I used that to install Vista from scratch, keeping my old hard drive as a data drive so that I didn’t lose anything. I hate reinstalling PCs. There are always so many little “tweaks” that I make and forget how I did, and I have to dig around and find everything out again. Moving the iTunes library around is fiddly (but thankfully not impossible), and it was only after several days that I realised that I needed to dig out my password manager data file. Times like those I’m glad I kept the old hard drive intact!

Once the reinstall was complete everything started off well, and WoW was much better, but after only a couple of days I had some more problems with WoW. I exited the game one night, and my computer locked up completely. I wasn’t happy with this with a clean fresh install, so the only thing left to do was reinstall WoW. So I downloaded the client from the Blizzard website, and for the first time since I rolled on the EU servers a year and a half ago, I installed WoW cleanly from scratch. I removed all my addons, and logged in to see if it made much of a difference.

It has made a HUGE difference! My loading times are much improved, and even though most of my addons have snuck their way back in, I’m still getting great performance. Most importantly smooth loading with no grinding to a halt to hammer at the hard drive. So I can now best the Champions once more (usually), and my enjoyment of the game has come back 🙂

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