Rather Belated New Year Resolutions

I’ve been quiet for a bit, which has mostly been RL-related. I’ve returned to work full time (I was previously working three days per week), which I’m finding very tiring, and it’s definitely affected my available WoW playtime. Thankfully it’s only short term, as at the end of March I’ll be taking a lovely long break on maternity leave. Yes, my husband and I are expecting our second child at the end of May. Which will also play havoc with my WoW playtime, but only for a short time I hope!

Although I’ve not been playing as much, I have been thinking about WoW, and in particular what I want to achieve this year. With limited playtime I need to prioritise what I want to do in the game. And so, here are my WoW New Year resolutions:

  1. Get better at making gold on the Auction House
  2. Level my Mage to 80
  3. Finish questing in Storm Peaks and Icecrown with my Druid
  4. See the endgame of Wrath of the Lich King and defeat Arthas

I’d like to achieve these by the time Cataclysm is released, and I’ve already made some great progress on the first one. I will of course report here as I go along.

Happy New Year (belatedly) everyone!

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