Blizzcon Opening Ceremony – All A Bit “Meh”

I wish I could have been at Blizzcon. I attended the World Wide Invitational in Paris a couple of years ago, and I loved it. Sure it was packed, but the atmosphere was electric, and being amongst that many like-minded people was great. I would love one day to make the trip across the pond and attend a Blizzcon.

But I have a three-year old and a four month old. And I can’t afford the trip. So I bought the DirectTV live stream, and I’ve been watching the coverage, and enjoying it.

I tuned in especially to see the Opening Ceremony live. Blizzard usually take these opportunities to announce new products or new information, and I was excited to hear what they had to tell us this time. A release date for Diablo 3 perhaps? Or even some details on their new, super-secret MMO project.

What we got was a very nervous looking Chris Metzen presenting a “Geek is…” slideshow, and then the announcement of the 5th and final Diablo 3 class – the Demon Hunter.

And it all felt a bit “meh”.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love the sound of the Demon Hunter. It was a great cinematic, and it’s probably the class I’ll play when D3 comes out. But at Blizzcon last year they announced two Diablo 3 classes AND the Cataclysm expansion. And at the WWI before that they announced Diablo 3 AND two Diablo 3 classes.

I have read some speculation that there was due to be another announcement, but for some reason it couldn’t be made, hence Chris had to fill time with his “Geek is…” thing.

Strangely, Blizzard chose to release the Cataclysm cinematic a week before Blizzcon. They could at least have held that back to give us something special at Blizzcon.

I did enjoy the “Geek is…” presentation, although it made me think I’m not as much of a geek as I thought before – my husband had to explain what several of the pictures were!

On the bright side I’ve started watching the “Quests and Lore” panel, and I’m finding it hysterically funny. Most entertaining 🙂


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