Not permanently lost, but a little lost

It’s been quiet around here, hasn’t it?

There’s two reasons for that – firstly I’m finding that I have a lot less free time now that I’m looking after two children rather than one. And secondly, I’ve really lost interest in World of Warcraft recently.

I’m disappointed in Cataclsym. I really am. For me, the most enjoyable part of an MMO is the levelling part. I enjoy duoing with my husband, venturing into unchartered territory together. His reckless racing in without assessing the situation first complements my more careful nature perfectly. I knew there were only 5 new levels in Cataclysm, but I was hoping to have a month of two of enjoyable levelling out of those 5 levels. So yes, it was disappointing to see my guildies hitting level 85 within a week or so of release.

But then the double whammy – it seems to me that there’s nothing new at 85. When you get to 85 you can grind reputation, run heroics or raid. Just like you could at level 80. With the added bonus that everything has been made harder. So where you could once log in, drop into the dungeon finder, run a heroic in about 30 minutes, log off again, now you get to use the dungeon finder that puts you into a PuG that repeatedly wipes. As someone who doesn’t do PuGs at the best of times, the thought of everything getting harder is not something that appeals to me.

This all resulted in my husband losing interest in the game at level 83, and moving on to other things. I don’t want to level without him, because the fun for me is in playing the game with him. So I spent a few weeks messing around with the AH and dabbling with alts, and then gradually I started finding other things to fill my evenings with.

We did both get onto the Rift beta program, and found the game enjoyable enough to pre-order it. I’m not cancelling my WoW subscription, but I am quite looking forward to levelling a new character in a new world. I hope to blog about that a little here too.

So it’s been quiet around here because I’ve not really had anything to say. I’m still here though, just trying to find my way.


Not permanently lost, but a little lost — 1 Comment

  1. I went through a spell of feeling like that, but actually, I’ve found that there’s a huge amounts of levelling fun to be had with an alt. I’ve never really been an alt player, but the relative paucity of high-level content, and the all EPIC FUNS to be had in the new levelling experience has made it worthwhile now.

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your Rifting.

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