There’s something about druids…

I seem to be drawn to the druid class. Which is interesting really, as it plays very differently in the MMORPGs that I’ve played.

My first druid experience was in EverQuest. Druids were pure casters, generally played as healers, although some were dps casters. We were not quite as good at healing as clerics, and I was always terrified any time I was in a Complete Heal rotation (remember those?!) as my CH was smaller than everyone else’s.

Then came WoW. I was immediately drawn to the druid shapeshifting abilities. It is a much more flexible class in WoW, having the ability to heal, range dps, melee dps or tank. I’ve tried all roles, and discovered that I am naturally most comfortable in a healing role, although I like to have delusions of range dps power and I maintain my boomkin offspec.

In Rift the Druids are different again. I’ve only played to level 12 so far, so I’m still learning about the class, but what attracted me to it this time around is that I get to have a pet. And this little pet will heal me! So far the druid is playing as a melee dps class with some healing utility -it doesn’t feel as “pure” a healer as it is in EQ or WoW. The soul system in Rift means there are many more options in terms of building your character class, and I think we’ll see many different variations. Mine currently has Justicar and Shaman souls, which is making a melee dps class who also acts as a support healer. I’m looking forward to seeing how this one plays!


There’s something about druids… — 3 Comments

  1. You may want to try Chloromancer (mage) in Rift. They’re both range dps and healing – infact a lot of heals through doing dps IIRC.

    As for EQ druids – they’re every bit the match for clerics now in a pure healing roll. (Sometimes our druids come top of heal parses). Also CH rot was gracefully retired years ago in favour of faster spells.

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