Short term goals

It seems that I have come back to WoW just in time for the massive pre-expansion patch, which I believe hits the servers next Wednesday. I’m still worried about how I will research all the changes, like the new talent trees, but that is a problem for next week.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish in WoW in the short term. My main, my beloved Druid, is already level 85, and I can’t really work up the enthusiasm to do much with her at the moment with the expansion so close. I have decided that I would like to get her tradeskills sorted out before the expansion though – whilst her Herbalism is maxed out she still has a little way to go with her Inscription, Cooking and Fishing. I’m using the Stormwind dailies to level the last two, and crafting “Forged Documents” to level my inscription, which is on a 24 hour cooldown. My pet collection is woefully neglected, but I need to do some research into where the pets I am missing come from, so that might have to wait for after I’ve got to grips with the expansion.

Then there’s the alts. My primary alt is my Mage, who is level 80. She is painful to level because she’s so squishy, and I think I’ve spent most of her 80 levels wishing she was a shadow priest. I tried playing her the other day, and got her killed on the third mob. I will go back to her but at the moment she’s not a priority.

I have a supporting cast of other alts. One of every class except warrior, although many of them are currently Auction House mules. Curse you Inscription for the amount of bag space needed to hold stock! I’m actually seriously considering trying to offload most of my glyph stocks and dropping out of the glyph market entirely – I’ve made a reasonable amount of gold, and it’s such a time sink. With limited play time I’d rather be actually, you know, playing, rather than mass crafting.

My current favourite alt is my priest. She’s only level 17, but I’m enjoying playing her. When I played on the US servers my primary alt was a shadow priest, and I got her all the way to 60 in the days when that was the level cap. This probably explains why I’m much more comfortable playing a priest than a mage – I just wanted to level the mage when I moved over to the EU servers for some variety. I think I might focus on her for a bit.

So I suspect this is what I’ll be doing in WoW over the next few days and weeks:

  • Maxing the Druid’s tradeskills (with the possible exception of Archaeology)
  • Sorting bags and trying to clear down some of the AH mules
  • Levelling the Priest.
Sounds like enough to be getting on with in the short term, doesn’t it?


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  1. I’ve been attempting to max archaeology. I gave up at 225 when I realised I was still 300 points away. >__< Still, at least it's something to do while listening to music, right? 😉

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