Same Druid, Different Game

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Is this thing still on?

It’s been a while since I posted any kind of an update here. Whilst the intervening time has seen me dabble with World of Warcraft a little, I have gradually realised that I’ll probably never play seriously again. Juggling working four days per week, parenting two children (now aged 9 and 7), household chores and everything else means the only video games I’m playing at the moment are casual, mobile ones that I can pick up and put down in my odd spare minutes.

Blizzard managed to suck me back in to WoW by emailing me a free week just before the launch of Legion, and I enjoyed it enough to buy the expansion and play a bit. However after the initial enthusiasm I found it harder and harder to make the time to sit in front of the PC to play, and I’ve let the subscription lapse again. It’s still my favourite RPG, no question, but my gaming style has changed.

One of the things I have been re-discovering lately is my love of board games. The kids are now old enough that we can play games with them, and Catan Junior, Dino Race, and My First Stone Age (amongst others) have become firm family favourites.

I’ve also, after many years of wishing, finally managed to find a regular group to play tabletop RPGs with, and have discovered a love for Pathfinder. I’ve been playing just over a year now, learning new things all the time and having an absolute blast. My first character was, of course, a half elf Druid, although her campaign is suspended at the moment and I’m dabbling with my first cleric (after the evil GM killed my Paladin!).

I have always blogged because I have stories that form in my head that I want to get written down. At the moment the stories in my head are all about gaming – board gaming, RPGs, and all the fun we’re having as a family who games together. And so it feels appropriate to return here, to my gaming blog. I’ve had a bit of a spring clean, and my loyal readers will probably notice that what I post here will change in nature, as I won’t be writing about World of Warcraft any more. Instead I will be talking about the games I am playing, and I hope that will interest you enough to stick around for the ride!

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