I’m a Mum, a wife, a geek and a permanently lost Druid!

In the World of Warcraft I am Tiniane on the EU-Quel’Thalas server, a (now retired) level 90 Resto/Balance druid. Prior to playing on the EU servers I played from launch on the US servers, where I also played a Resto druid named Tiniane.  I levelled on the EU server from 1-70 Feral, and whilst it was fun, I discovered I really didn’t like tanking. And so I am sworn to the way of the tree, although I’m dual-specced Boomkin, and it is fun to play nuker for a change!

In Real Life I am still trying to claim to be in my “mid-forties”. Mum to two gorgeous kids, wife to a level 80 Warlock. I work part time (four days per week) for a large banking organisation, and spend my other days looking after the kids. You can read about some of my adventures in parenting on my geekmummy blog.

Sadly there’s not so much time left for gaming these days, but I’m still managing to fit some in. I’ve had to accept my World of Warcraft days are probably over for the forseeable future, but the kids are now old enough to be quite capable at board games, and I’ve also recently started playing the tabletop roleplaying game Pathfinder.

This blog is called Permanently Lost because I have no sense of direction, either in RL or in any game. In video games I have killed myself by running off the edges of cliffs, and it was well known within my World of Warcraft Guild that you should never follow me anywhere! Just check out this lovely signature image that one of my Guildies made for me (thanks Solfix!)

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